Pierre and DeSean

The Current Top 5 Stars of the Washington Redskins

This article is a detailed list of the top 5 star players of the Redskins. Please keep reading to learn the most important information about each of the Skins’ top stars. Also, please visit super star tickets and find cheap Redskins tickets.

1. Robert Griffin III
If you are an American football fan and don’t know this team player, you must be sleeping under a rock. Robert Griffin III has established a strong quarterback for the 3 seasons he has been with the Redskins. He represents the Washington Redskins as number 10 in the NFL. He’s an iconic player of the NFL. Born in February 1990, he’s an impressive 24 year old youngster. He has a weight of 223 pounds and a height of 6.2”.

2. Trent Williams
Trent Williams represents the Redskins, as number 71, in their offensive left tackles. He’s one of the top left tackles in the NFL. He’s an all-round team player capable of run blocking, pass protecting and defense against screens and misdirection plays. He was born in 1988, meaning he’s 26 years of age. He weighs 318 pounds with an average height of 6.5”.

3. Alfred Morris
Alfred Morris is another strong player with great running abilities. That’s why he has established himself for the running back position of the Redskins. His running back abilities are further enhanced by his vision, great lower body strength and balance. Other than his running capability, he’s also an incredible passer. He plays number 46 for the Washington Redskins. He was born in December 1988 – he is 25 years of age today. His weight and height are 219 pounds and 5.10” respectively.

4. Pierre Garcon
Pierre Garcon plays as a number 88 wide receiver for Washington Redskins. He has represented Redskins in 7 NFL seasons. Pierre is a great motivation to the other players as it is evident in the Redskins’ win-loss records. He has the tactics of opening up the opponent’s defense. He is capable of reaching and catching a pass 20 yards down the field – simply, he’s a catcher. Pierre Garcon is an experienced Redskins player with the age 27 years. He’s 210 pounds heavy and 6.0” high.

5. Brian Orakpo
Despite the injuries that have been holding him back, Brian Orakpo is a gifted Washington Redskins’ linebacker. His gameplay identity is number 98. He has improved significantly on his run defense, bearing in mind that injuries had ruled him out of the game for some time. Brian is a great athlete with the best pass rushing technique in the NFL. Born in July 1988, he’s 27 years of age. His weight is 260 pounds with a height of 6.4”.

The above list and description of players is part what defines the success of Washington Redskins. Do you want to meet these and many other Redskins’ star players? If so, make sure you purchase an advance ticket for yourself, so that you’ll be able to attend some great games this season.

Echo Rockers

Newwave Superband Echo and The Bunnymen To Play In Detroit This August 2014

Influential 80’s English new-wave band Echo and The Bunnymen will be playing at the Saint Andrews Hall in Detroit, on August 11, 2014.
The band first broke into the UK charts with the release of their first album “Crocodiles” back in 1980. And with their debut album reaching the UK top 20 charts, it garnered them instant cult status within the UK music scene so buy concert tickets online to save a bundle.

But it was not until 1984, with the release of their third album “Ocean Rain”, that the band achieved worldwide success. The album spawned massive mainstream hits like “Seven Seas” and the anthemic “The Killing Moon”.

Ocean rain is considered as one of the most influential albums of all time, with the tracks on it still being used on movies and TV series, and is responsible for the band’s longevity in the music scene.

For “Echo” fans, an Echo and The Bunnymen album was always a tape deck staple back in their younger years. Unlike its peers, the band’s music transcended the lines between punk, new-wave and early Goth with just the right doze of pop. This explains as to why their music was embraced by a far larger audience back then, and as to why it is still considered relevant even up to now. And because of that, the Detroit music scene is abuzz with anticipation for the upcoming “Echo” concert.

The Echo and The Bunnymen Detroit concert is in support of their new album, “Meteorites”, released just this April under 429 Records.
Produced by Youth, bassist of 80’s UK band Killing Joke, the new album boasts of 10 new “Echo” tracks with their frontman Ian McCulloch quoted saying that “it’s the band’s best work for a very long time.”

The new album starts off, with its opening track “Meteorites”, with the familiar echo style of slow, melodic but dark, string accompanied, guitar riffs. The track then slowly builds with every chorus, with Ian’s haunting vocals drawing you ever deeper into the track. It is then followed by “Holy Moses” which has a more “joyful” feel, but with the all too familiar reverberant Echo style. The next track “Constantinople” takes you on a more edgy ride with typical “guitar style rock” with an eastern sounding twist added to it. After that, the album then takes the listener to the more personal track “This a Breakdown” where Ian talks about his struggle about drug addiction.
Ok, I’ll leave it there as I don’t want to spoil your music journey of their new album.

So if this article made you reminisce about your younger years listening to them on your trusty tape deck or turntable, then be sure not to miss them live this August.

Heinze Field is Between Two Rivers

Heinz Field – Home of the Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers play their home games in Heinz Field, and the groundbreaking ceremony for the stadium was held in June 18, 1999. Construction began the following month and by May of 2001, the turf was being installed. In July 20o1, Heinz got the naming rights and the stadium was officially opened on August 25, 2001. In October 7, 2001, the team hosted the Cincinnati Bengals in its home opener and they went on to win this game 16-7. Purchase your Pittsburgh Steelers tickets today to witness more epic games of the sort.

The location
Heinz Field is located in the North Shore neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It has a capacity of 65,500 and there are 129 executive suites. There are 24 restroom facilities each for men and women, with 8 family restrooms. The stadium has 47 concession stands, 7 team stores and 15 novelty stands. It has 7 passenger elevators and 2 freight elevators. 5 escalators and 4 pedestrian ramps can be used by the football fans. The stadium hosts many events, including Pittsburgh Steelers football, University of Pittsburgh football, concerts and other public events.

Natural playing surface
One interesting fact about the stadium is the fact that its playing surface is natural bluegrass and despite criticisms from many quarters, players, coaches and even opponents lobbied to keep it. Despite the field’s outdoor experience, it’s never frozen because of heating system tubes that were installed under the field. No matter the outdoor temperature, the playing surface is kept warm, at 62 degrees Fahrenheit. This ensures that games can be played throughout the year.

Amazing views
Heinz Field is located near the Monongahela and Allegheny Rivers. The open bowl style of the stadium gives the fans a lot more than a football experience. Fans can enjoy wonderful views of the river and downtown Pittsburgh. Other places that are visible when you’re in the stands include Mount Washington, Fort Pitt Bridge and Point State Park.

Added attractions
Getting to the Heinz Field stadium can be difficult at times because of traffic congestion. However, fans can reduce the traffic jam if they use public transport to reach the venue. Once you get to the stadium, you can find additional attractions that add a little luxury to the experience of going to a football game. You can visit the Great Hall, which provides a history of the team. The city skyline provides a breathtaking sight, especially during the night. Outside the field, there is a statue of Art Rooney, who founded the Pittsburgh Steelers. It’s one of two remaining remnants from Three Rivers Stadium, the other one being the Gate D spire that stands in the backdrop.

Jayson Werth

The Cream of the Crop of the Washington Nationals

The Washington Nationals is home to some of the best baseball players in the world. Just like any other team, the Nationals too have their top players that keep them going every season. With reference to individual ability, leadership, value added to the team and sportsmanship, here is a detailed list of the top players of the Washington Nationals. Make sure to buy your Washington Nationals tickets quickly to see your favorite players.

Bryce Harper
Bryce is without a doubt a fan favorite among the Nationals faithful. The 21 year old youngster has managed to prove himself repeatedly on the pitch that he is a top player. He is the only true five tool player in the Nationals team. The boy has even improved since in his sophomore season, he had 100 fewer plate appearances yet his RBI numbers and home runs were almost the same from year1 to 2. Bryce is arguably the highest ceiling of any player in the Washington team and may also be the most talented.

Jayson Werth
Jayson is one player that that the Washington Nationals can’t afford to lose. He is the most indispensable player in the Nationals roster. In the year 2013, he managed to lead his team in runs battled and runs scored. He is a solid fielder and a fan favorite. The 34 year old also provides unparalleled leadership by not only being the team’s oldest player but also but also being the only one in the team to have won a World Series. He has become a household name and with a few years left in his contract, he will without a doubt be in Washington colors in his sunset days of his career.

Ryan Zimmerman
The 2013 campaign was not one of the best for Ryan. His play on the corner was erratic and he was unable to complete plays on routine groundballs. Nevertheless, Ryan still remains as one of the best players in the Nationals team. At the plate, he had a career low of 275 batting. Despite it being a career low, it was good enough to put him fifth in the team in that category. Despite the adversities he went through, he still managed to lead his team with 26 home runs and 84 scored runs. He is one player that knows the Washington Nationals organization very well and one of the best in the team.
The aforementioned players are the cream of the crop of the Nationals team. They possess immense talent, proven leadership on the pitch and a great attitude that sets them apart from the rest of their teammates.

Dodgers Triumph

Is Anything Wrong with the Dodger Blue?

At the beginning of the 2014 season, the Los Angeles Dodgers were the clear choice to represent the National League in the World Series so get your discount dodger tickets before they get to expensive during the season. After 101 games, the Los Angeles Dodgers are tied with their hated rivals the San Francisco Giants for first place in the National League. The clear strength of the Los Angeles Dodgers is their starting pitching. Led by ace Clayton Kershaw, a likely choice for the National League Cy Young award, the Los Angeles Dodgers rotation is one of the best in the major leagues. In fact, the only starter currently with a negative WAR is Dan Haren.

For those who don’t know WAR stands for wins above replacement, which is a statistical measure of how many wins the said player has above a normal replacement level player. In fact, another 2 of the Los Angeles Dodgers starters, Josh Beckett and Zack Greinke are also in the top 10 in WAR amongst National League pitchers. Josh Beckett and Clayton Kershaw have each already thrown a no-hitter this season, which is amazing since the average for no hitters in a season for the whole league is two, and this team had 2 themselves in about half a season!

The Los Angeles Dodgers bullpen has been a bit of a mixed bag. Some players, such as J.P. Howell and Brandon League have had a great season, others such as Brian Wilson, former San Francisco Giants closer and owner of wild hairstyles and beards, have had awful ones. The Los Angeles Dodgers have a good, not great line up. Yasiel Puig is the star of the team, but they have other quality players such as Dee Gordon (45 stolen bases in 101 games, the most in the National League) and Hanley Ramirez. One issue the Los Angeles Dodgers have had this season is their outfield alignment. Matt Kemp, the normal center fielder, is perhaps better suited to play right field, but manager Don Mattingly is hesitant to put Puig, an outstanding fielder by all means, in center field due to fear of injury due to Puig’s fearless style of play.

As you can see, not much is wrong with the Los Angeles Dodgers at the moment. The team as is currently constructed could win the World Series, that doesn’t mean they haven’t been mentioned in trade rumors. Some rumors even have them landing Tampa Bay pitcher David Price or Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels, that would definitely be a case of the rich getting richer.

Dallas is Going to Have a Rough Year!

Do You Know the Best Players on the Dallas Cowboys?

Dallas Cowboys is an American football team that has earned its reputation from the classic style of gameplay they bring to their games so get your Dallas Cowboys tickets today. Although the team isn’t especially innovative with their strategies, their fans love them because you know what to expect when you see a Cowboys game. The team has invested a lot in building a very strong team that any opponent in the NFL will fear facing. Its performance in the pitch is a clear indication of an immense pool of talent that they possess. Apart from recruiting the already polished talents, the team has also nurtured its own talents who are now performing quite well for this team. Here are some of the current top 5 players in the Dallas Cowboy team this season.

1. Dez Bryant
Dez Bryant is the most valuable player on the team that the Dallas Cowboys have today. He is the best overall player and the whole team depends on him. His maturity in this game has been awesome since when he started playing for Cowboys. He is on the tough wide receiver (WR) position which he handles quite well. His ball fighting ability makes it hard for defenders to keep up with him in the pitch making it easy for Cowboys to dominate any match.

2. Tony Romo
He is a very important factor to consider while assembling a team and this might be the reason to why he is positioned second best. He takes the role of quarter Back player and whenever he is on the field, he gives the best to the team. It is hard for Cowboys to lose a game while he is playing. He is very disciplined and hardworking, and this has earned him a good reputation even off the play field.

3. Tyron Smith
The talent of Tyron Smith has been well used by the cowboys to build a very strong squad. Playing the OT position he is very instrumental in protecting the quarter backs while pushing the game forward. He is very strong and rarely misses a chance when it comes is way. His input in the team is very vital and no one can currently out play him in his OT position.

4. Jason Witten
He is very consistent in the performance and this has earned him a position in the team squad for sometimes now. He plays the receiver position and his combination with quarter back Romo is just amazing. He is always the target, especially on third downs and clutch situations. This could be the reason that he is rated fourth best player this season.

5. DeMarco Murray
Murray is the fifth best Cowboy this season, but still a very important factor on the team. He is very aggressive and versatile on the field.

One Direction?

6 Sweet Summer Shows in Chicago

This summer in Chicago is proving to be one of the most diverse, exciting and entertaining yet. Here are 6 of the coolest concerts in Chicago showing in August. There’s bound to be one live performance you just have to see so get your cheap concert tickets for sale on the web today!

For one night only on Aug 5, Tori Amos plays the Chicago Theater. Tori has sold over 12 million albums during her musical career. She is well known for her outspoken activism on diverse subjects such as gay rights and sexuality and is a heavyweight humanitarian.

Katy Perry joins indie duo Capital Cities at the United Center. This colorful and un-miss able tour supports her new album PRISM. This is her first tour since 2011 so expect an amazing performance. Katy has designed the stage herself to get nearer her fans in the arena. And spectacular costumes are bound to shock and surprise.
The queen of soul pop, Chaka Khan, appears for one night at the Chicago Theater. Still going strong after 22 albums and 40 years in the music business, this is a concert not to be missed. When not recording albums or touring, she still has the time and energy to devote to the Chaka Khan Foundation which promotes protection for women and children.

All One-Directioners are in for a treat on 29-30 Aug as Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn star at the Soldier Field Stadium as part of their ‘Where We Are’ tour. This pop sensation has already toured the USA once and is back again. It was only 2011 when their debut album, Up All Night, climbed straight to No. 1 in the US charts.

For the heavy-metal side of rock ‘n’ roll, Motley Crue are playing out their last ever tour at the First Midwest Bank Ampitheater on 8th August. Joining them is another giant of bad boy behavior, Alice Cooper. Yes Alice is still going strong after all these years. And yes, this definitely is the last chance to see the Crue. They have made it legally binding that no future tour is possible.

Not one, but two legendary rockers appear on 16th August at the All State Arena. Santana and Rod Stewart join forces to put on an incredible concert performance combining Santana’s legendary guitar skills with Rod Stewart’s unmistakable voice. This extraordinary tour is an electric combination you don’t want to miss.

So whether you’re a screaming One-Directioner, a soulful Chaka Khan fan or a head-banging Crue follower grab some tickets and head out for a wild night of consumer consumption.


The Book of Mormon is Satirical Yet Touching

Love is not about believing your partner is perfect, but about loving your partner and their faults. This simple idea is the concept that makes a comedy memorable. Anyone can be mean spirited, but to show some heart while mercilessly mocking someone, something, or, in the case of the Book of Mormon, an idea and a faith is what allows a comedy to not only become a 2011 Tony Award favorite, but find a lasting place in the soul of an audience. Go online to find cheap Book of Mormon tickets!

The Book of Mormon is no different than that first chapter of many movie franchises (oh, and it will become a movie too, if the Deadline reports of talks between the producer Scott Rudin and the creative team are true). The Broadway musical takes the Mormon religion and its doubters (in this case the inhabitants of a Uganda village plagued by war, poverty, and starvation) to an extreme. The Mormon missionaries are either disappointed (Elder Kevin Price) or searching for a place in the world (Elder Arnold Cunningham). The villagers are as crass and disrespectful of any attempt to convert them as possible. Yet, each side discovers that religion, or faith, provides what everyone needs.

Price learns that being a brother is not all about jetting off to Orlando (the best place for a Mormon to work/convert) and discovers his true faith; Cunningham finds that despite his lack of knowledge (he simply begins taking cultural references from Star Wars and Lord of the Rings when he has no answers to the villagers questions) he can still help people; and the villagers find that faith in something or someone can be uplifting in dire circumstances, though they do not feel the need to ultimately take the Book of Mormon literally.

Certainly, the Book of Mormon is not the first attempt to satirize religion, but it is one of the few attempts that is able to succeed in performing as both a work of satire and a work of respect. Trey Parker and Matt Stone certainly had the experience coming into this project to walk that difficult line. South Park, their popular Comedy Central show, remains as groundbreaking an animated series as it began, following the misadventures of four foul mouth children as they make light of the ridiculous and hypocritical adult world as only a child can.
So, once again, the Book of Mormon Broadway musical is not just a satire, but an unrestrained love affair that appreciates both the ridiculousness of organized religion and the power that faith, however tempered, can exude in the worst situations.

Nick Markais

Here’s looking at the Baltimore Orioles

After a surprising season in which they won 93 games and advanced to the ALDS, the Baltimore Orioles took a step backwards in 2013, going 85-77 and missing out on a tie for the second wildcard spot by six games.  The team has added two free agents and another one might be on the way. If this will be enough for them to qualify for the postseason remains to be seen. Get your Baltimore Orioles tickets cheap on the web and  preview for the upcoming season.

Impressive spring training
The Orioles maintained a winning record through the spring, hovering around the top of the standings throughout March. Even though spring training statistics and standings don’t mean much, it’s always good to see the team having a strong offseason heading into the season. The good thing is that the team has been lucky to avoid any major injuries in the offseason. In addition, most players have impressed, particularly catcher Steve Clevenger, second baseman Jonathan Schoop and pitchers Evan Meek and Eddie Gamboa. The overall performance has been impressive, which might indicate that a great season is in store.

Probable lineup
1. Nick Markais, RF
2. Ryan Flaherty, 3B
3. Adam Jones, CF
4. Chris Davis, 1B
5. Nelson Cruz, DH
6. J. J Hardy, SS
7. Matt Wieters, C
8. David Lough, LF
9. Jemile Weeks, 2B

The team’s bench might look something like this.

• Ryan Flaherty, utility infielder
• Steve Pearce, DH/1B/OF
• Steve Clevenger, C
• Delmon Young, DH
Probable rotation
• Chris Tillman
• Wei-Yin Chen
• Ubaldo Jimenez
• Miguel Gonzalez
• Bud Norris
Suk-min Yoon is another possibility, the same with Kevin Gausman.

Probable bullpen

• Long man-Suk-min Yoon
• Middle men-Edgmer Escalona, Brad Brach
• Setup men-Ryan Webb, Brian Matusz, Darren O’Day
• Closer-Tommy Hunter

Jim Johnson was traded in spring and then the deal for Grant Balfour fell through, clearing a path for Tommy Hunter to take over the closing duties.

Keys to success
The long ball is a favorite for the Baltimore Orioles and they led the league last season with 212 homeruns, 24 more than any other team. They can also field, and they made the fewest mistakes (54). The team has recognized the importance of pitching and has added Ubaldo Jimenez onto its roster. Hopefully, he can lead the rotation and help Tillman. In trading Jim Johnson, the team let go a key member of the bullpen but Ryan Webb has been added. During spring training, there was stiff competition for the bullpen slots, and if players can step up during the season, everything should be okay in the bullpen. If the team can get on base in a better fashion than last season, they can make the postseason.