You Have Got To Love What Atlanta Has To Offer!

Atlanta is home to the Southeast and also one of the places that holds some of the biggest party celebrations. A true celebration must be done in style and the best limo company in Atlanta GA are there to assist. If anyone ever says they visited Atlanta and they could go nowhere and see nothing because of bad weather, that’s sad! Atlanta is such a vibrant city with so much going on that there can never be a valid excuse for going nowhere and seeing or doing nothing! Atlanta is one of those cities that one can say a lot of good things about because there are just so many to choose from. USA today, recently voted Atlanta as its Best US Value Travel Destination! Get hold of the best limo company in Atlanta GA and let them show you around this great city, so that you too can experience why Atlanta gets the vote!   


It is truly the diversity of culture in a city that shapes it and gives it an appeal that the educated and business world seek after. The elements or ingredients that make up the mix include, book shops, libraries, galleries, museums, cafes, parks, theaters, music venues and record shops. Atlanta’s will agree that all these culture factors are more than covered in their villages where they are able to find several places to lose themselves in! Famous musicians and ballet are viewed at the historic Fox Theater. There is the Woodruff Arts Center which includes the High Museum of Art, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and the Alliance Theater. These are only a few of the venues you will find in Atlanta culture with best limo company in Atlanta GA transporting you.


Compared to other areas, the variety of foods is unprecedented when comparing dishes with what other similar cities have to offer. Atlanta has a number of award winning restaurants and chefs within her metro. Atlanta also boasts numerous farmers markets that are scattered throughout the city neighborhoods. If you head up to Buford Highway you’ll find the local Korea town or Chinatown where you can enjoy authentic Asian churches, supermarkets and cuisines. Hire the best limo company in Atlanta GA if you need transport to get there and experience these ancient cultures within that of Atlanta.     


In Atlanta you’ll find that Southern hospitality really does exist. Here people just start talking to one another and some never stop!. This can be quite an unnerving experience for those who are not used to it. Wherever you go, they greet and chat to you. Getting all the attention is lovely but it does take some getting used to. Before you move to Atlanta you’ll most likely find that everyone you know, knows someone who lives there. Friendships are formed quickly once introductions have been made. With social events taking place almost daily, networking in Atlanta is almost effortless. You can expect a really good turnout for a birthday dinner even though you may have been in town for only a year or two. That’s just the way Atlanta is! They always have a good time because there is always cause for celebration.    


Atlanta is a city made up of many different village type neighborhoods that each have their own character. You’ll find restaurants, pubs, parks and walking trails within easy reach of your front door. Atlantic Station, West Midtown, Inman Park, Ansley Park, Candler Park and Virginia Highlands are some of my favorites. With the best limo company in Atlanta GA you’ll be able to travel around Atlanta and experience it all. Piedmont Park is the home of Atlanta Botanical Gardens which is like a smaller version of Central Park. Emory Village is where the academics hangout. Here you will find Childcare’s Healthcare of Atlanta, the CDC, restaurants and shops. 

Atlanta’s downtown area is famous for several major tourist attractions. These are CNN Center, Centennial Olympic Park, Georgia Aquarium and Coca Cola. There is also a Ferris wheel that affords all a marvelous view of this bustling city. The Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site is also worth a visit. Spending a little time at each of these great attractions will give your insight into a whole new world and an understanding of their importance in this local culture.    

The Atlanta Zoo is home to Pandas and many other exotic animals. You will find it located in Grant Park. Downtown also offers you a look at local baseball, basketball and football teams. The famous Buckhead area is north for those who like shopping in shopping plazas. The neighborhoods are awash with many smaller unique shops that sell everything you can imagine.  The Weather Atlanta weather is one of the best. It has been shut down in winter because of snow and ice but this is not typical. Winters are usually mild with sunny warm days that get you through the cold days. If you do not like snow and cold weather, Atlanta is a good weather place for you. The magnificent colors of fall and the cool breezes make this season breathtaking.      

Great places to hang out with the children and young adults are the Center for Puppetry Arts and Fern bank Museum. The Tabernacle, Center Stage, Philips Arena and Chastain Amateur are some of the local music venues. The many outdoor music festivals, including the free Atlanta Jazz festival held over Memorial Day weekend in Atlanta each year are only a few events taking place. Living in Atlanta will ensure you have many great reasons for loving it. If you hire the best limo company in Atlanta GA for your next visit, you’ll have time to travel throughout this city and get a closer look at all it has to offer. Don’t be surprised if you too find you love it!

Top 8 Considerations For Selecting Your Ideal Medical Office Space

As a medical professional, you should know the location of your practice can greatly affect the success of your business. Conducting your business in the right location is vital as it dictates a major percentage of your success. In order to Find Medical Office Space in Washington DC that is perfect for you, things like parking and adequate interior space are given, but these are not the only factors you should consider. Health care practices usually have a variety of requirements and each one of them should be given attention.

Whether your office space will provide diagnostic, laboratory, clinical or pharmaceutical services, medical office needs differ greatly from the needs of ordinary real estate space. Though finding the right healthcare space can be challenging, hiring qualified healthcare office real estate brokers can help you through the process and save you time and money. Whether you are a medical professional looking for a medical real estate space or you are starting a new practice, the following are the top 8 factors you should consider when it comes to finding the most appropriate location for your business. 

1. Demographics
When searching for a medical office space, population size matters. Of course, the more populous a particular location, the more potential clients there are. But population size isn’t the only factor to consider about demographics. 

Given your profession, ask yourself whether you want to target young or old, men or women, blue or white collar. Demographic traits like age, for instance, can have a large financial impact on your business. You don’t want to look for a community where seniors take a large percentage if you prefer working with private payers instead of Medicare. 

Another factor to consider is income level. A location with many low-income residents will likely have more patients covered by Medicaid. This could lead to low reimbursements as medically only reimburses 56% of what private insurers pay out. 

Explore a minimum of at least three areas. You can research the demographics of your chosen regions on the internet or use useful sites like You can also contact the local city and state governments, Chambers of Commerce or newspapers as they often have detailed demographics on their websites. 

2. Competition
A community filled with other practices can make it difficult to make a profit from your practice although this is not always the case. Few well-established medical practices can actually be a bigger obstacle to the success of your business than a large number of newer practices. This is because older practices usually have inherent ties with their patients that are difficult to break. 

Sometimes younger competitors might still be dangerous if their marketing efforts surpass yours. So if you are not willing to put significant effort into marketing your practice, you won’t succeed in that community. 

However, having nearby practices can be helpful if they focus on different specialties. This is because they open the opportunity to create referral networks, which can be a good way to get new patients. 

3. After-Hours Access

You might get patients who need you after hours. So the medical office space should be available to you and your patients. Finding about after-hours access before signing the lease is important. Numerous conventional office spaces leases usually limit access from 8 am to 5 pm (the standard business hours). But this is not convenient for medical practices as they frequently see patients during after-hours or 24/7. So be sure to confirm the lease specifies access terms suitable for your practice. 

4. Security

Given your profession, you’ll be handling sensitive personal data of your patients. Does the Office Space have enough security to protect data theft? You need a space that offers enough security. So you should ask the landlord how much security is provided to know what you can add if needed. 

5. Visibility and Signage

Remember that your practice is a business and needs customers (patients in your case). So if your practice isn’t visible to your potential patients, how will you make a profit? Signage and visibility are very important for consumer direct and walk-in clinics. If your practice isn’t located on a thoroughfare or main road, you’ll spend a lot of money on marketing efforts which otherwise could be used to expand your business. 

Be sure to check the signage restrictions outside the particular space, and there are any signage restrictions enforced by the landlord. Is the street already cluttered by too many signs such that yours won’t stand out? 

6. Cost

Though the most obvious aspect of real estate office space’s affordability is the sticker price, this is not the only cost you should consider. Check other factors that can increase real-estate expenditures. For example, if you are leasing an ordinary office space so that you can convert into a medical space, you need to consider the conversion costs, which may be quite high. So considering these costs, you might want to avoid leasing an ordinary office space as it will not pay off in the long run; and lease a medical office space instead. Also, opportunities for renewal of ordinary office spaces are limited because the leases are mostly for short periods. 

7. Landlord Access

Conventional office leases usually allow the landlord to enter any part of the space any time to ensure if it’s being used properly. But medical office spaces must ensure the privacy of patients so you should ensure the lease language defines a protocol by which the landlord might access the space without violating your patients’ confidentiality and privacy. The landlord should access the space during certain hours or by appointment, but the lease language should address both the needs of the property owner and the tenant. 

8. Find a Qualified Broker

The best way to find medical real estate office space suitable to your needs is to use the services of a lease broker who has proven experience in negotiating for medical office spaces. The healthcare space brokers are better suited to negotiate complex lease terms that take care of after-hours access, security, landlord access and so on. 

The above factors are crucial when leasing medical office space. They will help you find medical real estate office space that meets your needs. It’s imperative that medical professionals engage the right team to help them find the right location and to negotiate all the terms and conditions.