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Newwave Superband Echo and The Bunnymen To Play In Detroit This August 2014

Influential 80’s English new-wave band Echo and The Bunnymen will be playing at the Saint Andrews Hall in Detroit, on August 11, 2014.
The band first broke into the UK charts with the release of their first album “Crocodiles” back in 1980. And with their debut album reaching the UK top 20 charts, it garnered them instant cult status within the UK music scene so buy concert tickets online to save a bundle.

But it was not until 1984, with the release of their third album “Ocean Rain”, that the band achieved worldwide success. The album spawned massive mainstream hits like “Seven Seas” and the anthemic “The Killing Moon”.

Ocean rain is considered as one of the most influential albums of all time, with the tracks on it still being used on movies and TV series, and is responsible for the band’s longevity in the music scene.

For “Echo” fans, an Echo and The Bunnymen album was always a tape deck staple back in their younger years. Unlike its peers, the band’s music transcended the lines between punk, new-wave and early Goth with just the right doze of pop. This explains as to why their music was embraced by a far larger audience back then, and as to why it is still considered relevant even up to now. And because of that, the Detroit music scene is abuzz with anticipation for the upcoming “Echo” concert.

The Echo and The Bunnymen Detroit concert is in support of their new album, “Meteorites”, released just this April under 429 Records.
Produced by Youth, bassist of 80’s UK band Killing Joke, the new album boasts of 10 new “Echo” tracks with their frontman Ian McCulloch quoted saying that “it’s the band’s best work for a very long time.”

The new album starts off, with its opening track “Meteorites”, with the familiar echo style of slow, melodic but dark, string accompanied, guitar riffs. The track then slowly builds with every chorus, with Ian’s haunting vocals drawing you ever deeper into the track. It is then followed by “Holy Moses” which has a more “joyful” feel, but with the all too familiar reverberant Echo style. The next track “Constantinople” takes you on a more edgy ride with typical “guitar style rock” with an eastern sounding twist added to it. After that, the album then takes the listener to the more personal track “This a Breakdown” where Ian talks about his struggle about drug addiction.
Ok, I’ll leave it there as I don’t want to spoil your music journey of their new album.

So if this article made you reminisce about your younger years listening to them on your trusty tape deck or turntable, then be sure not to miss them live this August.