Dallas is Going to Have a Rough Year!

Do You Know the Best Players on the Dallas Cowboys?

Dallas Cowboys is an American football team that has earned its reputation from the classic style of gameplay they bring to their games so get your Dallas Cowboys tickets today. Although the team isn’t especially innovative with their strategies, their fans love them because you know what to expect when you see a Cowboys game. The team has invested a lot in building a very strong team that any opponent in the NFL will fear facing. Its performance in the pitch is a clear indication of an immense pool of talent that they possess. Apart from recruiting the already polished talents, the team has also nurtured its own talents who are now performing quite well for this team. Here are some of the current top 5 players in the Dallas Cowboy team this season.

1. Dez Bryant
Dez Bryant is the most valuable player on the team that the Dallas Cowboys have today. He is the best overall player and the whole team depends on him. His maturity in this game has been awesome since when he started playing for Cowboys. He is on the tough wide receiver (WR) position which he handles quite well. His ball fighting ability makes it hard for defenders to keep up with him in the pitch making it easy for Cowboys to dominate any match.

2. Tony Romo
He is a very important factor to consider while assembling a team and this might be the reason to why he is positioned second best. He takes the role of quarter Back player and whenever he is on the field, he gives the best to the team. It is hard for Cowboys to lose a game while he is playing. He is very disciplined and hardworking, and this has earned him a good reputation even off the play field.

3. Tyron Smith
The talent of Tyron Smith has been well used by the cowboys to build a very strong squad. Playing the OT position he is very instrumental in protecting the quarter backs while pushing the game forward. He is very strong and rarely misses a chance when it comes is way. His input in the team is very vital and no one can currently out play him in his OT position.

4. Jason Witten
He is very consistent in the performance and this has earned him a position in the team squad for sometimes now. He plays the receiver position and his combination with quarter back Romo is just amazing. He is always the target, especially on third downs and clutch situations. This could be the reason that he is rated fourth best player this season.

5. DeMarco Murray
Murray is the fifth best Cowboy this season, but still a very important factor on the team. He is very aggressive and versatile on the field.