Dodgers Triumph

Is Anything Wrong with the Dodger Blue?

At the beginning of the 2014 season, the Los Angeles Dodgers were the clear choice to represent the National League in the World Series so get your discount dodger tickets before they get to expensive during the season. After 101 games, the Los Angeles Dodgers are tied with their hated rivals the San Francisco Giants for first place in the National League. The clear strength of the Los Angeles Dodgers is their starting pitching. Led by ace Clayton Kershaw, a likely choice for the National League Cy Young award, the Los Angeles Dodgers rotation is one of the best in the major leagues. In fact, the only starter currently with a negative WAR is Dan Haren.

For those who don’t know WAR stands for wins above replacement, which is a statistical measure of how many wins the said player has above a normal replacement level player. In fact, another 2 of the Los Angeles Dodgers starters, Josh Beckett and Zack Greinke are also in the top 10 in WAR amongst National League pitchers. Josh Beckett and Clayton Kershaw have each already thrown a no-hitter this season, which is amazing since the average for no hitters in a season for the whole league is two, and this team had 2 themselves in about half a season!

The Los Angeles Dodgers bullpen has been a bit of a mixed bag. Some players, such as J.P. Howell and Brandon League have had a great season, others such as Brian Wilson, former San Francisco Giants closer and owner of wild hairstyles and beards, have had awful ones. The Los Angeles Dodgers have a good, not great line up. Yasiel Puig is the star of the team, but they have other quality players such as Dee Gordon (45 stolen bases in 101 games, the most in the National League) and Hanley Ramirez. One issue the Los Angeles Dodgers have had this season is their outfield alignment. Matt Kemp, the normal center fielder, is perhaps better suited to play right field, but manager Don Mattingly is hesitant to put Puig, an outstanding fielder by all means, in center field due to fear of injury due to Puig’s fearless style of play.

As you can see, not much is wrong with the Los Angeles Dodgers at the moment. The team as is currently constructed could win the World Series, that doesn’t mean they haven’t been mentioned in trade rumors. Some rumors even have them landing Tampa Bay pitcher David Price or Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels, that would definitely be a case of the rich getting richer.