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The Current Top 5 Stars of the Washington Redskins

This article is a detailed list of the top 5 star players of the Redskins. Please keep reading to learn the most important information about each of the Skins’ top stars. Also, please visit super star tickets and find cheap Redskins tickets.

1. Robert Griffin III
If you are an American football fan and don’t know this team player, you must be sleeping under a rock. Robert Griffin III has established a strong quarterback for the 3 seasons he has been with the Redskins. He represents the Washington Redskins as number 10 in the NFL. He’s an iconic player of the NFL. Born in February 1990, he’s an impressive 24 year old youngster. He has a weight of 223 pounds and a height of 6.2”.

2. Trent Williams
Trent Williams represents the Redskins, as number 71, in their offensive left tackles. He’s one of the top left tackles in the NFL. He’s an all-round team player capable of run blocking, pass protecting and defense against screens and misdirection plays. He was born in 1988, meaning he’s 26 years of age. He weighs 318 pounds with an average height of 6.5”.

3. Alfred Morris
Alfred Morris is another strong player with great running abilities. That’s why he has established himself for the running back position of the Redskins. His running back abilities are further enhanced by his vision, great lower body strength and balance. Other than his running capability, he’s also an incredible passer. He plays number 46 for the Washington Redskins. He was born in December 1988 – he is 25 years of age today. His weight and height are 219 pounds and 5.10” respectively.

4. Pierre Garcon
Pierre Garcon plays as a number 88 wide receiver for Washington Redskins. He has represented Redskins in 7 NFL seasons. Pierre is a great motivation to the other players as it is evident in the Redskins’ win-loss records. He has the tactics of opening up the opponent’s defense. He is capable of reaching and catching a pass 20 yards down the field – simply, he’s a catcher. Pierre Garcon is an experienced Redskins player with the age 27 years. He’s 210 pounds heavy and 6.0” high.

5. Brian Orakpo
Despite the injuries that have been holding him back, Brian Orakpo is a gifted Washington Redskins’ linebacker. His gameplay identity is number 98. He has improved significantly on his run defense, bearing in mind that injuries had ruled him out of the game for some time. Brian is a great athlete with the best pass rushing technique in the NFL. Born in July 1988, he’s 27 years of age. His weight is 260 pounds with a height of 6.4”.

The above list and description of players is part what defines the success of Washington Redskins. Do you want to meet these and many other Redskins’ star players? If so, make sure you purchase an advance ticket for yourself, so that you’ll be able to attend some great games this season.