Heinze Field is Between Two Rivers

Heinz Field – Home of the Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers play their home games in Heinz Field, and the groundbreaking ceremony for the stadium was held in June 18, 1999. Construction began the following month and by May of 2001, the turf was being installed. In July 20o1, Heinz got the naming rights and the stadium was officially opened on August 25, 2001. In October 7, 2001, the team hosted the Cincinnati Bengals in its home opener and they went on to win this game 16-7. Purchase your Pittsburgh Steelers tickets today to witness more epic games of the sort.

The location
Heinz Field is located in the North Shore neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It has a capacity of 65,500 and there are 129 executive suites. There are 24 restroom facilities each for men and women, with 8 family restrooms. The stadium has 47 concession stands, 7 team stores and 15 novelty stands. It has 7 passenger elevators and 2 freight elevators. 5 escalators and 4 pedestrian ramps can be used by the football fans. The stadium hosts many events, including Pittsburgh Steelers football, University of Pittsburgh football, concerts and other public events.

Natural playing surface
One interesting fact about the stadium is the fact that its playing surface is natural bluegrass and despite criticisms from many quarters, players, coaches and even opponents lobbied to keep it. Despite the field’s outdoor experience, it’s never frozen because of heating system tubes that were installed under the field. No matter the outdoor temperature, the playing surface is kept warm, at 62 degrees Fahrenheit. This ensures that games can be played throughout the year.

Amazing views
Heinz Field is located near the Monongahela and Allegheny Rivers. The open bowl style of the stadium gives the fans a lot more than a football experience. Fans can enjoy wonderful views of the river and downtown Pittsburgh. Other places that are visible when you’re in the stands include Mount Washington, Fort Pitt Bridge and Point State Park.

Added attractions
Getting to the Heinz Field stadium can be difficult at times because of traffic congestion. However, fans can reduce the traffic jam if they use public transport to reach the venue. Once you get to the stadium, you can find additional attractions that add a little luxury to the experience of going to a football game. You can visit the Great Hall, which provides a history of the team. The city skyline provides a breathtaking sight, especially during the night. Outside the field, there is a statue of Art Rooney, who founded the Pittsburgh Steelers. It’s one of two remaining remnants from Three Rivers Stadium, the other one being the Gate D spire that stands in the backdrop.