Dropshipping Truths

Partnering with a dropshipping supplier to pack and ship your products means you can efficiently save time and money, which is what the best dropshipping eCommerce businesses do! However, there are other costs involved in using this method and these can affect ongoing sales. 

Once you have secured a dropshipper with product availability you need to insure that they can ship the items in a timely way. If you skip this part of the deal, you’ll lose your customers and money. Depending on where you are located, 2 to 3 days may not be good enough.

You need to be aware that consumers are still transitioning to purchasing products over the internet, from previously buy at a brick and mortar store. They have become accustomed to getting their products immediately and they’ll expect the same when they purchase from an eCommerce store. Again, this will also depend on what they are buying.

You’re going to need a supplier that ships the very same day or at the least, the next day after payment is made. Suppliers who do not do this are doing you a disservice and they’re going to cost you a lot of potential repeat sales.

The best dropshipping eCommerce fulfillment always insist that orders be shipped the very same day or the next day after payment. This is not that difficult to do.

This way of doing business was unheard of twenty years ago. Companies who embraced this strategy increased their strategic advantage over those who did not. Any successful company sells today and ships today, or the next. This is the norm for most. 

You must treat your customers the same way you’d like to be treated. Always consider the customer and their happiness. Respecting them is giving them more than their expectations. By placing an order with the dropshipping company yourself you’ll be able to fully observe their process. As a customer you’ll experience whether they live up to their shipping policy.

Even the best drop shipping companies use the major carriers like U.S, Postal Service which can take a week to arrive after shipping. Priority mail usually takes up to 3 days. You also need to know exactly what the shipper charges, excluding the drop ship fee which is standard. You must weigh your package and check the rate charged against the cost of the service that shipped the item. Bear in mind that common carriers often negotiate discounts. 

However, if your charge matches the consumer level rate, it should be fine. If it is far higher then you are being cheated. Additional costs may be acceptable when there is no standard drop shipping charge involved. The cost of packaging can also be considerable. Ask the shipper if you are not happy with your fee. However, do not confuse this with a handling fee which is associated with retail purchasing. The standard drop ship fee is about $1 to $5. This would be your handling fee. Dealing with a supplier who pads the shipping costs is unacceptable. Suppliers must reflect all recovery costs in the drop shipping or handling fee.